Monday, February 8, 2016

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Sacred Core Integration

Blog by Edward P. Beyer 

     Understanding the path of each individual I encounter takes a centeredness that comes within the sacred center of my heart.  It has taken a cumulative time frame of two decades to fine tune what is going on and how I can assist each person in there integrative session.

     Each session intuitively guided feels like remapping a clients wiring on the physical and emotional body. With the assistance of their guides for the highest and greatest good for the individual. Universal law from the highest counsel of light. (realm of light that which we came from for a souls path before we came in to this incarnation.) States the soul has a goal in mind for each incarnation to complete. That the soul will find a way to complete its task at hand or will have to incarnate on the same task in another incarnation. I listen to the individual to make sure I am not intervening on any souls path, but to assist in releasing baggage from previous past lives and current life.  My immediate goal is to assist in rebuilding the Sacred Core within the heart temple of the energetic body. When you start with the heart center everything will balance from there. The heart chakra is for lack of a better word super processor to the energetic body. Lower and higher chakras on rely on the balance and centeredness of the heart center. Getting out of ones head and into the heart is the evolution of man and women or human kinds objective. Stop thinking and feel what is the objective within your life to get back on track for your souls path.

      Eighteen years ago when I was 33 years old, I went through massage school.  Still having a lot of baggage from my first divorce.  I felt it was one of the greatest healing steps I needed for me.  In clinical or massage in class everyone I worked on couldn't believe how warm my hands would get while giving them a massage.  It also usually put everyone asleep....oops. I learned to cut back on the energy unless there was a block that needed a little push.
In going through Reiki to the Master level,  I had learned I was already getting my self out of the way and the energy was not coming from me but from  cumulative helpers in assisting in my healing work.

     I feel everyone has the ability to help others in energy healing. It can be called many things from massage, Reiki, shamanic work only to name a few.
Working with crystal kingdom has taken a long time to absorb but works wonders for holding a clear space for healing. Color therapy, aromatherapy, sound therapy, meridian therapy are all great approaches that help part of the whole system.(mainly the chakra system and meridian system are two major systems.)  I can go into more of those two systems later. I wanted this first blog to be a diving in point to give a little review where I am coming from. 

     A simple meditation can be done without sitting in any temple or ashram, but by being awake at work or driving, even taking a walk.  Its Breath work. 
Slow deep breath but seeing in your minds eye with your eyes open this bright pink coming into the crown chakra, next the third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, second chakra (just below the belly button) and then the root chakra pointed down to the earth. Down both hips to the knees out the feet and toes. Down both arms to the elbows to the fingers shooting out all the fingers and toes and pulling this energy back into the heart center.( repeat with the brightest purple and then again with the brightest gold) Slow deep breaths allowing the body to let go while it is absorbing these beautiful colors.

      Thank you for reading and there will be more to come.

       Edward P.Beyer